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Sauntering Vaguely Downward

Into the land of lowered expectations

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Mad Scientess Jane Expat
Anyone up for a game of Centrifugal Bumble-puppy?

Disorder #2

I'm a dual national who has been living and working in England for the past sixteen years. Most of my posts centre around the following themes: my family, my travels in Europe and beyond, volunteer work in physics outreach, my creative efforts in painting and photography, and commuting on public transport. I think of myself as a Londoner even though I no longer live there (though I still work there). I like to bake. I overuse parenthetical interjections.

I cross-post from Dreamwidth under the same username.

Admin note 1: If you've returned suddenly to find that I've removed you from my LJ friends list, don't panic. Please go here to let me know that I've made a terrible mistake and that I should add you back.

Admin note 2: This is a personal blog, not a professional one. It's about me. It's not about my job.
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