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A day out in Worcester

Keiki and I had a day out together in Worcester this week.

[Photo of us at lunch. Me after I had my makeup done and then spent too much money on makeup, with Keiki looking worried that I’m going to drop him in my risotto.]

We started off with a tour of the high street, poking into various shops for long-overdue purchases of important items like new tights to replace all my raggedy old ones, and stamps for sending postcards.

[Fish Street, with graffiti and bicycles. No fish, though.]

[They like a good cupola in Worcester.]

After a coffee and a feed, we went to Worcester Cathedral. Keiki was, I think, glad to doff his cap for the occasion.

[Keiki with his baseball cap at a jaunty angle.]

I’d been to the cathedral previously, but never when it was so quiet. As I strolled around and Keiki fell asleep to the soothing tones of the High Communion sermon, we saw a harried-looking man set down a tea light and scrawl a short message in the book on the stand next to the candle-holders. We waited a short interval and then padded over to have a look.

“Another day without you but a day closer to you, Mum and Dad. I love you.” And then we had to work very hard not to burst into tears.

We descended the stairs into the cool silence of the crypt.

[Crypt pillars.]

We looked at the rotting boots of the Worcester Pilgrim, and admired the medieval stone tiles that had been unearthed in the corner opposite his grave.

[Painted tiles.]

We came back up and went to the courtyard and the Chapter House.

[The old cathedral bells.]

[Chapter House ceiling.]

[Courtyard garden and graveyard.]

The windows surrounding the courtyard have stained glass memorial plaques embedded in them.

[This one reads: “In memory of David Charles Lennard Sheppard M.C. Major Royal Artillery
Died of wounds in Italy
December 25, 1944”]

[And this one: “In memory of Lawrence Barnard Carlton R.A.M.C.
He gave his life for his comrades Aug 10 1915”]

Feeling melancholy, we went for lunch at the Ginger Pig on Copenhagen Street, which we recommend highly for delicious food, generous portions and friendly staff.

[Keiki and me, lunchtime.]

Our last stop before hopping on the train home was the Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum, a small but wide-ranging compendium of disparate displays that I didn’t get to investigate properly but which intrigued me enough to want to go back.

[Can’t claim to be a museum about Worcestershire if it doesn’t include the sauce.]

[Stuffed bat has its back to the visitors.]

[Probably because it figures weasel is a sufficient deterrent from prodding.]

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