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Ladybird and the return of Big Purple

It's Red Nose Day and we were asked to bring the children to nursery wearing red. I got a little ladybird outfit for Humuhumu, with a polka-dotted dress, armlets and wings. It arrived on Monday and she's insisted on putting it on every evening when she gets home all week. I didn't tell her she was going to get to wear it all day today, so when I put her in it this morning, her excitement knew no bounds. She dashed into the nursery without looking back at me.

I hope she's having a brilliant day.

Keiki recently outgrew his 0-3 month clothes. This was a bit sad-making because it means he’s not a tiny baby any more, and also that we have two massive bags of clothes sitting on the floor waiting to be taken away.

However, it is also happy-making because it means we get to bust out Big Purple. Big Purple is the 3-6 month North Face outdoor fleecie onesie that my parents sent when Humuhumu was born. We loved it so much we kept putting her in it long after we could no longer turn the foot covers over her feet (i.e. she’d outgrown it). But it was just so cute.

As a reminder, here is Humuhumu in Big Purple.

Riding a Viennese tram.

Photo of Keiki in Big Purple to follow when I have energy to take one.

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