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Humuhumu and Keiki update

Keiki is a month old. He barely fits into the "New Baby" (up to 10 lbs/4.5 kg) clothes and will be progressing to the 0-3 month stuff shortly.

I have a mere ten days left of wearing the sexy sexy surgical compression stockings. \o/ TBH, I don't think they're doing much any more as I can put them on very easily and they're a bit baggy around the ankles. I'll carry on wearing them because I'm supposed to, but oh, Thursday next, how I anticipate you.

Sleep is still very broken. Keiki wakes up at least three times a night to feed. He also has his first cold, courtesy of the toddler, and uses feeding as a way to clear his sinuses, so I'm pretty much chained to him at the moment.

Apart from passing on her lurgy, Humuhumu is doing a fine job as Elder Sibling, displaying no jealousy other than when Daddy looks like he might not be able to pick her up because he's holding Keiki. (She's very attached to Daddy at the moment and prefers him to Mummy.) Her vocabulary seems to expand daily, and she uses complete(-ish) sentences to express herself most of the time, e.g. "I want orange", "I like cooking/nursery/swimming", "I DID IT!" and our least favourite, "I don't want to go to bed yet".

This weekend we made cookies from the vanilla cookie recipe in my new Nigella Christmas cookbook. (Humuhumu likes to flick through the pages and find photos of Nigella. When she sees one, she points at it triumphantly and exclaims, "MUMMY!" Mummy finds this outrageous flattery rather gratifying.) Lakeland had a big sale on Doctor Who-themed baking accoutrements - 99 pence for cookie cutters, as opposed to the £12.99 they were priced at before Christmas - so we put them to their inaugural use on our dough.

Cutting out the shapes. Pictured: Weeping Angel, Tardis, and Humuhumu exuberantly deploying the Dalek.

Ready to go in the oven.

The final product.

In conclusion, I present you with evidence that toddler fashion sense is absolutely the best thing ever.

Humuhumu strolling through the University of Birmingham campus in her blue striped coat, red and white patterned bobble hat and matching scarf, reindeer Christmas dress, purple and black striped stockings and grey bunny Mary Janes. Twirling a stick nonchalantly. As you do.

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