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(Tiny post-pregnancy joy: Shaving my legs for the first time in months. Tiny post-pregnancy sadness: Having to put incredibly sexy surgical compression stockings over my nice smooth legs for another four weeks. Yes yes, it's better than deep vein thrombosis. But still, my vanity: it hurts.)

Keiki was born tongue-tied. We didn't realise how bad it was until we went to our hospital appointment on Monday. The midwife examined him and told us he had both posterior and anterior ties, resulting in a 90% tongue tie. So we agreed to have it snipped.

It has to be said that his mum shed more tears over the procedure than he did. Since he was born British, perhaps a stiff upper lip at eleven days old was to be expected. As soon as it was done, he latched deeply straightaway, fed for ten minutes, then promptly passed out. We've had no complications since and his feeding technique has improved.

The next day, the health visitor came and examined him. I basked in the discovery that he had gained 220 grams on his birth weight. Don't laugh. This is the only measure of achievement I have at the moment.

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