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From the "SPAAAACE" column, we have the following item.

The document package that has eaten the last few weeks of my life (including last weekend and incidentally, today, which is my birthday) has gone off to ESA. If it were printed out, the paper used would weigh more than the instrument we're going to build for the spacecraft. BUT HEY We're goin' to JUPITER! about eight years.

Now I get to go be fed by my lovely generous friends and possibly have a very small glass of wine. Happy Birthday To Me!

From the "Children Being Embarrassingly Honest" column, we have the following item.

The toddler & I were waiting at the train platform when a man on a bicycle steamed up. It was pretty chilly out so I mean that literally. Humuhumu turned, pointed at him & said, "Hot, Mama. Hot man. Hot. HOT!" Er. I mean what do you say? "She means that in the thermal sense?" Perhaps not.

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