Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

At least the title doesn't squeak when I turn around too quickly any more.

I forgot a milestone two days ago. Normally I remember it every year. September is full of significant dates. The fourth: Brother-out-law's birthday. The seventh: My maternal grandfather's death in 2001. The eleventh: Four days later, the twin towers came down. The twenty-second: My birthday. The twenty-ninth: My maternal grandfather's birthday.

Twelve years ago, on 3 September 2002, I handed in my (completed, revised) PhD dissertation, "Energetics and Dissociation Dynamics of Reactive Organic Intermediates" (a thrilling read, I assure you), marking the end of my doctoral studies. My journal helpfully reminds me that, as I walked out of the Office of Graduate Studies into the bright California sunshine clutching my certificate of completion, the water polo team ran past me.

Twelve years.

I've been Dr [personal profile] nanila for twelve years.




(And you know, there is still a tiny part of me that thinks someone will suddenly notice that I'm not studying chemical dynamics any more and will say, "Hey! You! You there, no longer in a lab coat and goggles! HDU trick us, you should still be doing THAT sort of research. Return that title to us immediately.")

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