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Two Humuhumu anecdotes

We appear to be raising a tiny comedienne.

  1. We're driving along early in the morning because Someone decided to wake up at 5:30 AM. We have just flipped from BBC R4 to R2. Randomly, bagpipes blare out. From the back seat, we hear "LalaLAlala la," vaguely in time with the music.

    Me: "What do you think of the bagpipes, Beaky?"
    Humuhumu: "UH oh."

  2. We're at the local blues festival in the afternoon, drinking lemonade and eating ice cream while sitting on a hay bale. Humuhumu is happily using the hay bale as a hurdle. On her twelfth circuit, she lets off a loud *trump* as she clambers over the bale between her parents.

    Bloke, with mock horror: "Baby BEAR!"
    Humuhumu, with perfect comedic timing, raises a finger and points at me. "Mama," she intones solemnly.

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