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Friday's Unscientific Poll

Poll #1972416 Spoken English accents

I believe I can distinguish hearing spoken English accents

From very broad regional areas (e.g. North America, South America, Britain, Oceania)
From broad regional areas (e.g. USA/Canada, Wales/Scotland/England/Ireland, Philippines/Japan/China/Malaysia, Australia/New Zealand)
From specific regional areas (e.g. California/New York, Brummie/Cockney, Visayas/Luzon)
From very specific neighbouring regional areas (e.g. NorCal/SoCal, Geordie/Mackem, apologies for lack of non-US/UK examples)
Nope, can't

I believe I can convincingly imitate accents from areas other than the one I was born in to a level of

From very broad regional areas
From broad regional areas
From very specific regional areas
From very specific neighbouring regional areas
Nope, can't

Here I provide more detail about how well I can distinguish and/or imitate regional spoken English accents.

When I started watching Orphan Black, I thought, "Wow, that's a really good 'Southern Hemispherical person who's moved to North America' accent."

And then in the next episode, it's explicitly mentioned that Sarah and Felix are originally from London.

Er. Sorry, no, that's not a London accent, let alone a British one. I've been in Britain long enough to be able to distinguish accents to a level of "specific regional areas". But I can't, say, tell a Brummie accent from a Black Country accent, and I most certainly would not attempt to imitate either. I can cosplay a decent "posh train announcement" or "BBC Radio 4 news" accent and that's my limit.

I certainly find listening to different accents and being able to identify them far easier than imitating them, and the rest of the show is very enjoyable, so I'm happy to pretend that Sarah and Felix's origins have simply been misidentified in canon. :P
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