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Humuhumu update

Humuhumu is fluent in cat. When Telstar comes in early in the morning, they sing to one another through her closed door. If shown a picture of a cat, she says, "Aoww" or "Meow", and it's the first animal she identifies on one of the tablet games.

She prefers dresses and tights to trousers and shirts. If she is put in an outfit that she doesn't like, she will march over to her dresser and select the items she wishes to wear. I had no idea that children this small could be so particular about their clothes. She's been doing that for a couple of months now.

We're getting some two-word sentences now. These include:
  • "Brush tee" (accompanied by miming gesture)
  • "Sit dow" (very imperiously said to herself, her parents and her teddy bears)
  • "Mama/Dada shoe" (when she wants to go outside, usually accompanied by the delivery of shoes to the person's feet)

She gives kisses very readily, particularly to other babies. She's a very extroverted baby generally, smiling at everyone and trying to charm new people as soon as they notice her.

While my parents were here, she started to call her grandpa "Papa". She enjoyed teasing him by pretending to give him bits of food and then stuffing them in her own mouth. He encouraged this by pretending to cry in an amusingly overblown fashion.

The day after they left, she sat at the dining table with her cache of breakfast raisins, looking puzzled. She picked one up, held it out toward his now-empty chair and said, "Papa?"

[Little astronaut and "Papa"]

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