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Vienna Zentralfriedhof

I visited the Zentralfriedhof last year, but never got round to uploading the photos. The Zentralfriedhof is Vienna's cemetery, and its 3 million inhabitants make the vast grounds more populous than the city it serves. Today, May Day, is a public holiday in Austria and so there were many visitors, freshening up the family plots and laying flowers everywhere.

Humuhumu was just five months old during our last visit, and I carried her around the cemetery in her sling. I fed her near the Sisters' graves (I like to think they would not have minded) and then she went to sleep. This time we went with Granny and the pushchair. Humuhumu was awake throughout until we got back on the 71 tram to take us home.

The church dominates the grounds, its oxidized copper dome visible from just about everywhere. It would take hours simply to walk all the paths, let alone explore the graves, so even after two visits I've only seen a fraction of what is here.

Dr. Karl Lueger-Gedächtniskirche

Upmarket digs.

Fancy ceilings in the upmarket digs.

"Oh, so it's gnomes now?!"


Thoughtful cherub.

Musicians' Corner: The marker on Mozart's cenotaph.

Musicians' Corner: Strauss. Clearly a very modest sort of chap.

Musicians' Corner: Likewise, Brahms.

Dome of the church through the trees.

Wittgenstein: A bit doomy.

Memorial to a lost child.

Fiaker (horse-drawn carriage) driving through the grounds.

Where the Sisters are buried. The wooden bench where I'd fed Humuhumu last year stood just where I was when I took this photo. It had been broken up and stacked neatly to one side. I looked carefully at the planks and they were very rotten.

Some people care very, very much about the size of their houses. Even when they'll never get to live in them.

Others just like a good bit of fancy statuary.

Small grotto in memory of the priests who died in military service.

I...I don't really understand this one. I think it's supposed to be a sort of stylized cross, but I have to admit to spending more than a little time sniggering at it.

Humuhumu bibbling about, chirruping at the dead.

I'm not sure popping wheelies with your pushchair is likely to be construed as the most respectful of graveyard behaviour, but no one seemed to mind.

"Rose-clad mace, anyone?"

I liked the unusual wings on this one.

Her face.


This one was with the upmarket lot, but was unusually unkempt. Outside the cut because I absolutely loved how this came out in black and white.

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