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Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Norfolk in April

The bloke, Humuhumu and I paid a flying visit to Norfolk last weekend. Since I arrived home from Italy at 11:30 PM on Friday and we left on Saturday morning at 9 AM, you can imagine what state I was in by the time we arrived.

Fortunately, there was Victoria sponge and tea awaiting us. Unfortunately, Humuhumu appears to have a taste for Victoria sponge.

“Oh sorry, was I supposed to save some of that for you?”

Post-cake pebble-sorting.

She fell off thirty seconds later. Sniveled for about ten seconds, then bimbled off again.

The next day was overcast, but warm and not rainy, so we spent lots of time outside after Granny’s delicious birthday lunch.

Discovering the pleasures of bubble-blowing with Granny.

Bringing Granddad round to share bubbles with him.

Granddad seems a little distracted.

Ah, this is because Daddy is chopping wood with his new axe.

Yep, getting pretty good at this standing-on-things business.

Also, picking daisies and giving them to Mummy.

Er, Toddler Power?

Daddy trying to convince Humuhumu that tyre swings are fun.

Humuhumu currently prefers entertainment that involves running.

Practising her Blue Steel face.

Leading the way down the country lane.

Watching the ducks fly past overhead.

Getting a bit tired now.

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