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Photo assignment responses 1: Frascati

Request #9: The ceiling. You have inspired me to take lots of ceiling photos over the last day and a half, but I think you'll quite like this one. It's the ceiling of the train from the airport to the centre of Rome. Note the little 8-bit train rendering! We were only mildly disappointed that no one had thought to program it to move from one side to the other with the motion of the train.

Request #21: Something purple. A cake shop off the central square in front of the cathedral in Frascati has some pretty over-the-top window displays, each themed by colour. This is a small part of the purple window.

Request #22: Something pink. This pig was sitting on the bar of the restaurant we were in last night. It is inappropriate, inexplicable and incongruous. Also, pink.

Bonus picture: Nerds enjoying themselves, with the assistance of wine. Lovely, lovely wine.

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