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Humuhumu and the beans

Humuhumu’s listening comprehension has undergone a major uptick this week. We were in the bedroom on Monday morning and I said, “Shall we go and brush our teeth?” She smiled and toddled to the bathroom. I followed, and she pointed up to the shelf above the sink where her toothbrush sits and made her “Mmm mmm” noise that means “I want that”. I applied toothpaste and handed it to her and she popped it into her mouth and started brushing. She’s done it every morning this week.

Another cute thing she started doing is taking my perfume bottle (Bvlgari’s “au thè vert”) off my bedside table, removing the cap, pretending to spray a little on her hand and then rubbing her hands together carefully in imitation of my daily application of the stuff.

The weather was glorious last weekend so we spent as much time as possible outside. We went for a walk in Hanbury wood and we weeded and planted seed in the garden. Humuhumu was especially enamoured of the planting, although after five neat rows of broad beans, her sowing strategy went a little rogue. In a couple of weeks, we should find out where that clump of beans got stashed.

Why thank you, I will help myself to another bean.

Blue Steel, baby.

Humuhumu toddles up Piper’s Hill in Hanbury wood.

First small tortoiseshell of the year, sitting on a daffodil.

Naptime on Daddy on the way back down the hill.

Heading up the garden path, past the lavender.

Our neighbour’s cat Spike came to visit us. Even though our garden is large enough for Telstar and him to sit far enough apart that they could neither see nor hear one another, they feel the need to have Mexican standoffs in the same sunny spots every half an hour or so.

Telstar: “I told you, tiny human, not the tail.” (Notice Humuhumu has undergone an outfit change. This is because she discovered a watering can full of rainwater that needed inspection. Her method of inspecting it was to upend it over her head.)

Telstar: “How many times?! My tail is not a handle!”

Humuhumu: “I dub thee Sir Telstar Fluffybutt!”
Telstar: “”

Helping Daddy to plant broad beans.

Is serious business, planting broad beans.

Need another bean, please.

Bean goes there. Yes. Good work, Daddy.

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