Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

notCaturday: Cat and Girl

The best thing about next week is that I'm on holiday. The best thing about this week is that I'm on holiday next week. Let's leave it at that.

Have, instead, some photos of Cat and Girl: The Continuing Saga.

Yes, you may worship me.

No, you may not worship me.

Approach with caution, Tiny Human.

I mean it with the side-eye.

Well, all right then.

No flash please.

Found Mummy's old dreadlock decor.

Not sure what to do with it...

Ah yes. Teething.

Can worship Your Magnificence?

Tiny Human can worship. Large Human can bugger off.

Never doubt that I am master of all I survey.

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Tags: catmother, humuhumu, photo, worcestershire

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