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First they came for the naturalised citizens...

I became a UK citizen last August.

Today, the UK government (ETA: House of Commons - it's not gone to the Lords yet) passed a law that permits naturalised UK citizens to be stripped of their citizenship.

Yes, it's aimed at a specific and relatively small group of people, e.g. "foreign-born terror suspects" who have been resisting deportation for years. But it's a terrible, terrible precedent to set. It makes people like me, who are, presumably, not considered terror suspects despite our participation in dubious things like having opinions on our blogs and our Twitter feeds, feel unwelcome and scared.

I find it even more distressing that this news barely makes the front page of the BBC News. And it turns up as "MPs reject Tory rebels' immigration amendment", which might lead one to believe that the portion of the immigration bill to which I'm referring here didn't pass. You have to click through to find out that "...MPs did vote in favour of Home Secretary Theresa May's plan to strip foreign-born terror suspects of UK citizenship, by 297 to 34."

If anyone needs me today...well, frankly, I'll just be in my corner, staring unhappily at my knees.

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