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Topic Meme: Day 17

[personal profile] cxcvi would like to know about: Food, and more specifically (after looking through your tags and noticing "vegetarianism") why you became a vegetarian. And possibly also why you stopped.

My brief experience as a vegetarian was mostly inspired by an ex-boyfriend. This was during the time when I was determined not to date a fellow scientist, as I was convinced that such relationships would inevitably end in stagnation, dullness and disaster. It took a few non-scientist relationships for me to work out that the common factor in the disaster-making was not, in fact, the science.

Anyway, said ex-boyfriend, who was, shall we say, a whimsical character, became randomly inspired by PETA to turn vegetarian. I, in turn, became vegetarian to make cooking (which I disliked doing anyway) easier for both of us. After the relationship ended, the vegetarianism survived as a relic until I traveled to Puerto Rico with the new boyfriend. (It was the lechón that broke me.) I’ve been an omnivore again ever since.

Being vegetarian made me more aware of where my groceries - not just meat - come from. I try to buy meat, fruit and vegetables that are locally sourced, seasonal and free-range as applicable. (Bananas get special dispensation, being one of Humuhumu’s favourite foods ever.) I try to avoid excessive packaging, to patronise local food markets and butchers, and to bring my own bags. I cook a good deal more than I did before I became vegetarian. So although I have no intention of becoming vegetarian again, I think it had a positive influence on my comestible consumption habits.

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