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Topic Meme: Day 15

[personal profile] gorgeousnerd requested that I witter about: any body mods you have/are willing to discuss

I only have one left: my tongue piercing, which I have no plans to remove. I still had my belly button piercing right up until just a few weeks before giving birth to Humuhumu. I had to remove it because it was getting so uncomfortable rubbing against my clothes. I have had various other portions of my anatomy pierced at different times. My eyebrow piercing grew out. I took out my upper ear piercings after a few years - I can't remember why. Most of them were put in by reputable piercers, with the exception of one of the upper ear ones, which was done via the medium of safety pin through ear into chilled apple. Ridiculous. I don't know what I was thinking. Other piercings elsewhere upon my anatomy had shorter lifetimes due to either absurdly heightened sensitivity or a refusal to heal. My ear lobes have never been pierced. I keep debating whether or not to do this. At some point I will, so that I can wear some of my paternal grandmother's jewelry.

I count wearing dreadlocks as a body modification as well. It's a dramatic hairstyle that provokes strong reactions from observers. It also requires very specialised upkeep, and it's still hands-down my favourite. I cut them off myself when I finally decided to stop wearing them, and I still have them carefully preserved. I would wear them now, except that my working environment is quite conservative. I'm only willing to push the boundaries so far (e.g. with some of the t-shirts I wear), otherwise life could become unnecessarily difficult.

As you can probably deduce from the above, while I enjoy dabbling in body modification, I haven't been consistent in my tastes for it. This is why I have no tattoos. I can't guarantee that I wouldn't tire of a design I selected and then want it removed. This is more difficult to do (and expensive) than taking out a piercing. That said, I have fancied having a bar code for sliced bread (as in "best thing since...") on the back of my neck for over a decade now. Perhaps one day when I have something important to mark - most of my piercings correspond to significant milestones.

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