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California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Our second destination in Golden Gate Park, the Cal Academy, is a place known and loved deeply by [personal profile] emelbe. I felt privileged to be taken on a tour of it by someone who delights in every inch and every angle of a place as jammed full of wonders as this.

[Image of drifting jellyfish.]

[Image of skeleton of sharp-toothed animal with long tail.]

[Lizard says hello.]

[Image of small colourful bird perched on a red feeding bowl, with nearby bowls occupied by drunken butterflies.]

[Image of giant book of beautiful Audubon sketches. Only accessible to museum volunteers.]

[Image of frolicking penguins.]

[Image of pinned ladybirds of varying size and spot pattern.]

[Image of orange-clad museum volunteer handling matching orange corn snake.]

[Image of coiled snake.]

[Image of chameleon, giving chameleon equivalent of stinkeye.]

4/52: Darwin's Finches
[Image of Darwin's finches, preserved in jars.]

[Image of green seaweed and multicoloured upside-down jellyfish. Tentacle colour depends on which algae they host.]

[Image of people in front of a huge window, with backdrop of reef swarming with tropical fish.]

These photos were taken with a mixture of new dSLR, old dSLR and HTC One V phone camera. I would be interested to hear which shot[s] people like best, without necessarily knowing the medium!

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