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Topic Meme: Day 11

[personal profile] soliano requested I witter about: Romance.

Oh my. I have a peculiar relationship with Romance. Some of my favourite comfort reads fit the exhaustively overdone Romantic trope of two heterosexual persons who meet under stressful circumstances, don’t really like one another at first, then fall in love and the whole thing winds up with some manner of stupidly spectacular wedding a grand total of three weeks later.

This is not a thing I can recall wanting myself. Even with my very first relationship which looked on course to follow said trope (right down to the high school sweethearts part in modern versions), that’s not the ending I desired, because I had my sights set on top universities and multiple degrees. The whirlwind aspect of romance never appealed.

I’m also not an expensive wedding in a white dress kind of person. Having participated as a bridesmaid in a few of those, I must say I don’t see the point. It’s a lot of planning and money for an event that most frequently seems to be predominantly stressful for the persons who are supposed to be having the time of their lives.

For me, neither the adrenaline rush of first attraction nor the public celebration of commitment have much to do with romance. Expensive gift-giving does, mostly because of the planning and saving up on behalf of another person required to execute it. Other things I find romantic include:

  • Spooning
  • Cups of tea brought when needed, not just when requested
  • Bacon sandwiches on hangover mornings
  • Enthusiasm for using a long sit-down in the pub as a reward for achieving just about anything
  • Ridiculous private nicknames
  • A good intellectual row, followed by kissing
  • An unequivocal “Yes” in reply to “Can I interest you in bed-related shenanigans?”

I feel bad for Romance since it often gets used in a derogatory manner to describe associations that are either cliched, inaccurate or both, when in fact it is one of the greatest things about love.

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