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Topic Meme: Day 8: Ohana means family (14 December 2013)

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I kept this one on this day because it was a rather special day. I saw my Filipino family who live in the Bay Area. I haven't seen one set of them since the wedding of the other set, in 1997. The ones whose wedding I attended that year, I saw again in Hawai'i in 2000. I haven't seen any of them since.

My cousins picked me up in town and drove to Daly City (aka Little Manila) south of San Francisco where their mother, my auntie, lives. We met at a restaurant called House of Sisig, where my auntie had ordered us a feast. We chatted and laughed and regretted the absence of missing relatives, including my family, bloke and Humuhumu. The table was lined with banana leaves.

Then the food began to arrive.

We managed to keep up a pretense of polite conversation for about two minutes before we all dove in and began stuffing it into our faces. With our hands. As Auntie said, "You eat with your hands, good girl. You remember you are Filipino." When one cousin (her son) started using a spoon to eat the sisig, she asked mockingly, "You want me to feed you?"

Vegetables: tomato, onion, sweet potato, grilled eggplant, mango and salted boiled egg (starting to really stretch the definition of vegetable here...)

I don't know what this soup is called. It has strips of fresh ginger, a garlic-and-ginger broth, onions, pak choi and mussels.

On this plate are lumpia (pork-filled spring roll), barbecue chicken, lechon (pork belly) and tilapia (fish wrapped in foil with garlic and onions and tomatoes).

Big plate of sisig and chilli. Sisig is pig head and liver, fried. If that sounds gross to you? Frankly, I don't care, because that means more for me.

Shrimp is soooo good.

Ukoy. This is a kind of pancake with sweet potato, egg, bean sprouts and tiny shrimp.


Me eating mango.

Everyone still being kinda polite.

Me and Cousin, eating soup.

I don't know what's going on here. Madness.

Making banana leaf rings and bracelets.

Banana leaf necklace.

My namesake and her little banana leaf ring.

Halo halo. So this is a Filipino dessert. At the bottom are big flat beans and candied fruit. Then there is coconut milk. On top of that is shave ice, and on top of that is a scoop of ice cream. You can have either mango or ube (pictured here). No one knows why ube is exactly except that nothing else edible is ever that shade of purple. Always get the ube.

My little namesake princess and me enjoying halo halo together.

All the cousins and Auntie in the middle, with post-feast detritus.

I think this little cousin wanted me to put her in my hand luggage and take her back to England with me. (I was seriously tempted.) I got three leg-grabbings and two full-bodied tacklehugs before I was allowed to leave.

As a final note, the feast cost $20 a person. With service. And everyone took home leftovers. That is how to do food, my friends.

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