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December: The twelfth twelfth of a weariness

The only problem with going and having a nice weekend away from the internets with baby and bloke and lots of people who came round for pseudo-Thanksgiving on Sunday* to eat pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes with marshmallow is that I missed the start of a properly popular meme. Tragic, no?

So, belatedly, I'm joining in the December meme, in which I post daily on a subject you've prompted me on, starting from tomorrow. If you need a topic suggestion, there are several below the cut, though I'd appreciate if you specified what aspect (e.g. what was your best/worst experience, why do you do/like this particular thing, the format you'd like to see my description (e.g. a series of photos)) you'd like me ramble about as these are rather broad. Nothing is off-limits, but I may choose to place replies under access control. Feel free to select a specific date or let me choose. I'm traveling from 7 to 17 December and may have limited internet access on some days, so may post slightly early or late on those dates.

  • Space
  • Outreach
  • Places I've been
  • Family
  • Being an only child
  • Hawai'i
  • Photography
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Red Dwarf
  • Vampire films
  • Feeling "other"
  • Romantic relationships
  • Friendships
  • Piercings/body modification
  • The social aspect of participating in science
  • Day-in-the-life-of-a-Nanila
  • Parenting

  • December 3: [personal profile] pretty_panther: Space. Do you honestly believe there is life out there somewhere right now. As in, we think there WAS some form of life on Mars but do you think there is life somewhere NOW.
  • December 4: [personal profile] redsixwing: feeling "other," handling the isolation of otherness?
  • December 5: [personal profile] liseuse: being an only child. Is there a different rhetoric about being an only child in Hawai'i/the States to the one you've noticed in the UK? Do you like being an only child? (I ask this as an only child, I like gathering anecdata about other only children!)
  • December 6: [personal profile] major_clanger: Moving to the West Midlands. What's it like becoming a (near) Brummie? How do you find Birmingham/Worcestershire?
  • December 7: [personal profile] yoyoangel: I'd like to know about your thoughts about Red Dwarf! It was important enough in my pre/early teens that my sisters and I still send each other "Happy Gazpacho Soup Day" messages, so I'm interested in your take.
  • December 8: [personal profile] qian: what you miss about Hawai'i
  • December 12: [personal profile] alwayswondered: your top three vampire films!
  • December 14: [personal profile] emelbe: day in the life, in picture or pictures
  • December 18: [personal profile] pulchritude: feeling 'other' in Hawai'i vs. in the continental US vs in the UK
  • December 23: jixel: How about commenting on challenges of being a (pretty) woman scientist?
  • December 24: [personal profile] soliano: Romance <3
  • December 27: [personal profile] emelbe: day in the life, in picture or pictures
  • December 28: [personal profile] ironed_orchid: Day in the Life of Telstar. Pictures optional, but highly encouraged.
  • January 3: [personal profile] majoline: Space! Any really interesting projects or phenomena happening right now?
  • January 7: [personal profile] gorgeousnerd: any body mods you have/are willing to discuss
  • January 8: [personal profile] pulchritude: the social aspect of participating in science - just things you especially notice, i guess, and also what kind of social things are common
  • January 9: [personal profile] nou: Friendships, feeling "other", and food
  • January 10: [personal profile] cxcvi: Food, and more specifically (after looking through your tags and noticing "vegetarianism") why you became a vegetarian. And possibly also why you stopped.

* Since most British people's interest in celebrating American Thanksgiving could be generously described as "minimal", inviting them over for it on an ordinary Thursday when everyone has to go to work is not really a viable option.

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