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Cabin Pressure

The bloke and I been listening to this adorable radio series since it started re-running on BBC Radio 4 Extra a couple of months ago.

Written by John Finnemore, it features four people who crew a private airline. They get up to hilarious hijinks whilst flying bonkers passengers around the world. The voice actors are people whom you just might recognise:

  1. Owner and Operator of MJN Air, Mother, Architect of Adventure: Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, voiced by Stephanie Cole (also known from TV series Open All Hours and Doc Martin, amongst many others)

  2. First Officer, Sarcastronaut: Douglas Richardson, voiced by Roger Allam (I know he is a srs thespeean but I will always think of him as Mannion from The Thick of It)

  3. Flight Attendant, Momma’s Boy, Dogsbody: Arthur Shappey, voiced by John Finnemore

  4. Aeroplane: Gertie, who forebears silently the antics of her crew, and finally,

  5. Captain, Fastidious Fusspot, Target Practice for Douglas: Martin Crieff, voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch (who’s been in some stuff lately that a few people on the internet are mildly fannish about).

Anyway, the plots are ridiculous, the dialogue is wonderful and you should listen to it on iPlayer Radio (Currently re-running Series 2, available everywhere in Europe, not sure about outside though). You can also purchase it from AudioGo on CD or as MP3 downloads (it’s on my Christmas Non-Sectarian Festival Holiday list).

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