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Thor: The Dark World

I went to see Thor: The Dark World with some of my work colleagues last night. So, was it the pseudoscience that wrecked our suspension of disbelief and thus, temporarily, our enjoyment of the film? Was it the phase meters and quantum field generators? Was it the dude flying around being manly in armour and wielding a magical fecking hammer?

No. No, it wasn’t. That stuff just causes us all to piss ourselves laughing.

What ticked us off was the unnecessary mucking about with the geography of the London transport system. This is what happened. Thor gets on a Tube train at Oxford Circus. In Actual Real Bloody London as opposed to Stupidly Underresearched Magical Fecking London, this would be the Victoria, the Central or the Bakerloo line. He asks a fellow passenger, “How do I get to Charing Cross?” She replies, “This train, three stops.”

Now, if he were on the Bakerloo line, it would be two stops. If he were on the either of the other two lines, it’s minimum three stops AND he would have to change trains at least once.

Add to this the fact that he apparently arrived there in under thirty seconds and you have a whole group of Formerly Amused Scientists who have abruptly transformed into Pissed Off Londoners.

Also, the fight he was trying to return to? Located in Greenwich. They could’ve burned the entire eight minutes and more that they needed to keep that dark elf dude occupied by getting him stuck on a Jubilee line train with severe delays.

So that was the biggest problem I had with this film. Totally rational, I think, because it would’ve been so easy to correct with minimal fact-checking, whereas giving a solid theoretical explanation for interdimensional travel by manly hammer-wielding dudes would not.

(Side note: What is it with filmmakers and planetary alignment every five thousand years to bring about death/destruction/dark powers? Tomb Raider. The Fifth Element. Thor. What others am I missing? I’m sadly certain that there are others.)

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