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Things I'm Looking Forward To Doing Now That I'm British: Number Seven

7. Allowing my weather-related sartorial choices to dictate the course of my day within five minutes of leaving the house. Because of the essentially British hyperawareness of the state of the skies, we (We! I get to say we!) pride ourselves on correctly judging the weight of our coats, the rain resistance of our footwear, the thickness of our leggings and the need (or not) for accessories, e.g. scarf/gloves/hat/earmuffs. When we step outside and begin our journey from home to destination, we know very quickly whether or not we’ve chosen well.

If we get it wrong, we spend the rest of the day bemoaning - either internally or aloud - our mistakes. If we get it right, we may add a layer of smugness to our demeanours.

Additional smugness points may be awarded for planning adequately for a change in the weather, e.g. by layering, bringing an umbrella or stuffing a jumper in our rucksacks, when that change takes place exactly as predicted.

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