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Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA: In which Humuhumu touches the Pacific Ocean

We drove down to the Oregon coast for a holiday-within-a-holiday on our recent trip to the States and spent four days relaxing in a hotel in Cannon Beach, which harbours a thriving arts community and an exceptionally large sea stac called Haystack Rock. Thousands of birds nest on the stac and the nearby Needles, and it seemed to be brown pelican season while we were there. We arrived in absolutely glorious sunshine. The next day, the rain started and, as everyone kept reminding us, a most unseasonable storm replete with gale force winds was attendant upon the remainder of our days there.

Somehow we managed to struggle through with our fireplace, our ocean-view balcony, our wine, our books and our determined "we can handle a spot of rain, we're British" daily walks on the beach.

I'm glad I took plenty of pictures of Humuhumu's first experience with the ocean, as it was not to be repeated on this trip.

Humuhumu riding on Daddy's shoulders as he walks along the beach toward Haystack Rock.

Removing shoes in preparation for the beach walk.

Humuhumu puts her feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

Daddy walks out a bit further into the ocean.

Wet feet!

In Mummy's arms with Haystack Rock in the background.

In Daddy's arms with Haystack Rock in the background.

Humuhumu prepares to put her hand in the Pacific Ocean.

And follows through.

Again, again!

The Needles, sprouting cormorants and pelicans.

Humuhumu shares a quiet moment with Daddy in front of Haystack Rock.

Humuhumu and Mummy in front of the Needles.

Humuhumu on Daddy's shoulders. Both looking happy.

Whee! (With joyful dogs running down the beach in the background.)

That sand dollar is going in the mouth in 3...2...1...

And now for a good wallow in that beautiful fine sand.

When I said "wallow" I meant it.

Why yes, actually, it does taste nice.

Certainly nicer than the outside of this water bottle.

Separate meditations on sand.

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