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Things I'm Looking Forward To Doing Now That I'm British: Number Two

2. Tutting, in all its nuanced forms. Tutting is the beautiful art of expressing everything from mild disapproval to the full weight of immense rage. The gradations of tut are not immediately obvious to outsiders, and indeed I believe I'm still but an amateur when it comes to interpretation. I can discern the situations that call for a mild frown (e.g. a push from a fellow commuter unaccompanied by an exchange of apologies no matter who was at fault). I can tell when a more serious crime has been committed, e.g. queue-jumping, because a click of the tongue will accompany the tut. And I can tell when a crime of unforgivable proportions has been committed because actual words, e.g. a muttered rebuke, are allowed into the tut. But I'm sure there are shades of tut that I have yet to add to my repertoire.

I have yet to venture to express a tut myself, as I feel I'm too new a Brit to be tutting just yet. I look forward to the occasion of my first tut.

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