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How could the Saturn photobombing get more awesome? I thought it was impossible. But no. Because it turns out WE WERE PHOTOBOMBING MERCURY TOO HOLY CRAP.

In other news, Humuhumu is nine months old on Friday. I have no idea how that went so quickly. She is now capable of crawling and of pulling up to an aided standing position on furniture, cardboard boxes, the cat, etc. She has even stood unaided for a few seconds a couple of times before she realised what she was doing and plopped back down on her butt. She has cut her first tooth (lower right front). She has recovered from a bout of combined tonsillitis and cold, which was suffered simultaneously by her parents. To her credit, she was in a far better mood throughout her illness and teething than we were. She can say "bababa" and "dadada" and "mamama" all day long and has accidentally copied a few words ("water"*, "tuba"**, "cat"). Despite her runny-nosed dribble-faced aspect, she continues to be highly kissable.

* When she was being sprayed with the hose on those hot hot days recently, we kept saying "water" and she copied us."
** While we were in Brussels, I bought her one of those fitted-piece puzzles with knobs. Except instead of farm animals or numbers or simple geometrical shapes, it has surrealist objects from Magritte's paintings. Her favourites are the tuba, the apple, the skybird and the feetshoes.

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