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Age meme

[personal profile] oursin gave me 18. If you would like to participate, please comment and give me an upper bound. When I was 18,

I lived in: A flat a few blocks north of the University of Southern California, where I was a sophomore [second year]. It was a stone's throw from the Shrine Auditorium. Yes, that place where they hold the Oscars. I remember being deeply annoyed when security used to try to get residents to take a two-block diversion to get home when the award ceremonies were on. I always refused. I think they were sort of afraid to stop me, because not only did I tell them firmly that I couldn't identify a celebrity if you hit me in the face with one, I was nearly always dressed in black fatigues (I wanted to be Sarah Connor. I still sort of do.) and looked extremely grumpy. Nowadays that would probably get me arrested.

I drove: I didn't have a driving licence. Yes, I lived in California and I didn't have a driving licence. I lived within easy walking distance of campus and I didn't exactly have a lot of money to throw around. USC is a private university, and even with lots of scholarships, my "spare" cash mostly went toward sensible living expenses, among which a car would not have counted.

I was in a relationship with: AHAHAAAAA. I was, shall we say, not the most committed person at 18. I can't honestly remember the number of people I was "in a relationship with", however briefly.

I feared: Slowing down. I wanted to live life in top gear all the time.

I worked at: Being the best possible student. I messed up my second term of freshman year (I actually got a couple of B's for the first time in my life, the horror) and I was determined to make up for it. I also spent much of my free time tutoring other students in chemistry and maths to make money.

I wanted to be: An artist and a scientist.

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