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Cat and Girl 4: An artistic collaboration

I’m sorry, but I just can’t wait until Caturday to share these. Internet, are you ready for this? I don’t think you are. This kind of cute should have an LD50.

[Image of Humuhumu in a stripey dress and pink bib, looking up at Telstar sitting in front of her.]

Humuhumu has been experimenting with solid food. She enjoys holding a stick of steamed carrot or broccoli and gnawing on the ends. Most of it comes right back out, gets flung on the floor or passes straight through her. The leftovers are artistically arranged on the placemat, with assistance from Telstar.

[Two images of Humuhumu cautiously patting Telstar as he hoovers up the remaining broccoli. Because the ratio of Orange to Green things on the placemat was wrong.]

[48-second YouTube video of Humuhumu and Telstar in action. The only sound is me saying, “Ooh, don’t pull his whiskers...not that he seems to care.”]

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