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The Harbinger of the Catpocalypse

Perhaps you're wondering why I'm showing you a fuzzy phone photo of an open refrigerator door. Let me explain.

The bloke & I planned to make fish pie for a couple of guests on Friday evening. On his way home from work on Thursday evening, he stopped by the shops and obtained the fish. Our refrigerator in the kitchen is not large and typically holds only the items we need for our everyday needs. The conservatory houses a far larger refrigerator. We call it "the beer fridge" and indeed it contains a fair amount of lager, wine and mixers, but it's really our main fridge, otherwise we couldn't keep much more than a couple of days' worth of supplies in the house. The bloke blithely popped the fish in the beer fridge for the night.

You may observe in the photo that there is a tub of suet balls just below the edge of the fridge door. This is sitting on top of an equally sized tub of bird seed. It so happens that the stacking of these two items produces a comfortable cat-sized platform.

On Friday evening, I popped out to retrieve the fish. That was when I discovered the scene pictured above. On the floor were some pilfered packets of fish.

This explained the highly content and extremely sleepy cat lounging upstairs on the spare room bed, who had oddly not come down to beg for his dinner when I went into the kitchen.

Our cat. He watched the bloke put away the fish. He waited until the following day. He climbed on the cat platform the humans had foolishly left for him. He opened the refrigerator door. And he stole the fish.

Mangled fishy containers.

Pilfered cod.

Pilfered smoked haddock.

I knew I shouldn't have trusted that face.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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