Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Four months of being a mummy

Humuhumu is four months old today. Her achievements include giggling, being able to push up to 90 degrees on her arms and working out that her hands are attached to her. This last accomplishment has resulted in rudimentary playing with toys. By “rudimentary” I mean being able to grasp them and then, of course, bring them to her mouth. The way she looks at things when she grabs them and moves them toward and away from her never fails to remind me of the look on Dougal’s face when Father Ted tried to explain perspective to him using toy cows and a field of actual cows. “These are small, but the ones out there are far away. Small. Far away. Ah, forget it.” (YouTube clip, 28 seconds.)

She has tasted food but not been particularly impressed with anything other than cantaloupe and yoghurt. Her best fish impression came when her daddy let her lick a particularly tart raspberry. The best way to get her to giggle is to zerbert her tummy. Her favourite books are “A is for Aloha” and “Where’s My Shoggoth?” Her favourite toy is a rainbow-striped crinkly hedgehog - she likes to chew on his feet. When she wakes up in the morning and I lean down to pick her up, I’m nearly always greeted with a smile.

Humuhumu propped up on a pillow in her peach onesie, smiling at the camera.

Humuhumu playing with her hedgehog.

Humuhumu asleep in the bed at St Winifred’s Well Cottage, wearing her red dress. Hedgehog just visible above the covers.

Humuhumu in the bath at St Winifred’s Well Cottage - her first time in the big bath.

Humuhumu in her green bunny hat from cheekytubemouse and seismic.

Humuhumu in red overalls and yellow-clawed green monster socks from seismic.
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