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Sauntering Vaguely Downward [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

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When the zombie apocalypse comes, my GP office will survive. There isn't even a snack in there. [20130130|10:10]
Mad Scientess Jane Expat
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This isn't a great day and it's only 10 AM. I don't have the energy to make an amusing story out of my frustration and annoyance, so instead, have a picture of a cat in a bathtub.

And a sleeping baby in her moses basket, wearing a onesie with lions on it.

Baby and daddy looking out over the snow-covered canal.

Baby and daddy looking dubiously at the papparazzo.

[User Picture]From: danaid_luv
2013-01-30 17:08 (UTC)
Didn't sleep last night for more than a few hours so I'm tired & cranky; I sympathize & wish them office supply malfunctions for the rest of the week. Also, your family is adorable, from top to bottom.
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2013-02-03 11:10 (UTC)
I had a surprise wake-up at 5 am this morning. It's been a while since she did that so am presently in shock from having been lulled into a false sense of security. :P And thank you!
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[User Picture]From: cosmiccircus
2013-01-31 01:45 (UTC)
You have the cutest clothes for her!

And I didn't realize it snowed that much there, but it's a beautiful photo of the two of them!

Hope your day gets/got better!
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2013-02-03 11:11 (UTC)
Most of the clothes have been inherited - that onesie is one of the few things I've bought!

Yep, we had a decent amount of snow here. Lots more than I ever saw in London, for sure.

Thank you. The week definitely underwent an improvement at the end.
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: nanila
2013-02-03 11:12 (UTC)
Aw, thank you! (But don't tell that to the bloke because he's already after Number Two and I'm not ready yet...)
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[User Picture]From: againstathorn
2013-02-01 03:15 (UTC)
I love the picture under the canal!
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[User Picture]From: nanila
2013-02-03 11:13 (UTC)
Thank you! That's my favourite one - the bridge framed the scene just right, I thought.
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