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Colour baby

As promised, I present a selection of the colour photos of infant me that my parents brought with them at Christmas.

Me & my pixie-ish mum.

You wouldn’t guess that my mum was in her thirties when she had me, would you?

Here we are all dressed up to go to a picnic. (I think I’m about three months old here.)

Me & my daddy at the upright piano. I learned to play on that piano, and we had it all the way up through my teens. My dad could play almost anything he heard on the radio from memory, though he couldn’t read music.

Hellooooo, crazy baby in seventies leather armchair!

Me and my dad’s chess set. I would have made my move if only someone would have taken those damned mitts off.

The End.
Tags: family, hawai'i, nostalgia, photo, vanity
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