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Norovirus for New Year and other vignettes

Norovirus in Norfolk for New Year
As wonderfully alliterative as that sounds, the reality was a lot less pleasant. We were squirreled away in the bloke's old room at his parents' house, or as I renamed it, the Parlour of Puke and Poop, for a miserable 24 hours. Poor Humuhumu scarcely got to see her grandparents.

The Parentals
My parents and I have been together for nearly three weeks (minus the 2.5 days we spent in Norfolk) and we haven't had a single argument. Truly it is a Christmas miracle.

The Parentals II
My dad is the most enthusiastic babysitter ever. I scarcely get to hold the little lady except to feed her when he's around. He sings to her in Tagalog. I must remember to video this before they leave.

My mum is less hands-on because of her arthritis, but every action of Humuhumu's is given full attention and subjected to analysis which invariably leads to the conclusion that the little lady is a burgeoning genius.

A friend of mine recommended a book called Breastfeeding Made Simple which I read on my Kindle during Humuhumu's first few weeks. I couldn't tell you anything that was in it except for one graph, which plotted the ease of feeding against time. (I find graphs soothing in general.) Breastfeeding is shown to be significantly more difficult up until the baby is six weeks old, at which point the curves cross over and then level off, leaving breastfeeding significantly easier. I desperately wanted to believe the graph. For the first two weeks, I struggled daily not to give up. It was painful, difficult and I felt like I was doing it all the time.

Humuhumu is 10.5 weeks old. I'm so glad I had good support from my partner & health visitor and was able to stick with breastfeeding. It's painless and easy. (I've no idea whether or not it's easier than bottlefeeding. Frankly I'm not sure I care. If I were more anxious to resume an approximation of my previous pub-based lifestyle, I might care more.) I have a big scarf for cover and I don't feel embarrassed feeding her in public. She's such an efficient feeder now that it only takes her about twenty minutes to fill up. She sleeps through the night (typically 11 PM to 7 AM). This last week she stopped doing anything other than weeing in her nappy at night. She's finally started smiling more, and she no longer howls her lungs out on the changing mat, just lies there making "Mmm" noises and waving her fat little Michelin Man legs in the air.

Also, her daddy got her to reply to him repeatedly saying the word "Hello". She looked at him thoughtfully and said "Haaoooow". She did it twice more in response to him, to our delight. We've only managed to get her to repeat the feat once since then, but perhaps she's just letting us know that she's not a performing monkey.

Sqeakleberry, Squeaklepops, Squeakleberry Crankypops, Stinkypops, Squirtypops, Burpypops, Little Tinker, Little Wriggler, Sweet Pea, Lani-girl (the closest I get to her actual name). She might have difficulty learning her name in future.
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