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Humuhumu's diary

Dear everyone, thank you very much for all the kind comments on DW and LJ. Your joy adds to mine. I hope you will understand why I don't respond to them all. Breastfeeding Humuhumu is not just a full-time job, it's a 24-hour one. Most of my "free" time is occupied by eating, sleeping and recovering physically from the birth. Love, Nanila

26/10/2012: Born! Did it weighing 6 lbs 12 oz. Daddy cut my umbilical cord. Spent most of the day asleep. Didn't poop until wee hours of morning. Mummy did her first diaper change and used a baby wipe instead of just cotton wool. Naughty but she couldn't get the meconium off without it. Both of us figuring out breastfeeding. Positioning not quite right yet - Mummy's nipples tender & damaged.

27/10/2012: Came home today. Daddy picked us up at 11:30. I rode home in the car under my Jemima Puddleduck blankie made by a distant auntie Rachel. Poo becoming greener and squishing. Feeding getting easier for me but not mummy. Mummy has trouble sitting up because of her stitches. But she is healing.

28/10/2012 Quiet day. Mummy's milk is coming in. Hard to feed on suddenly enormous hard breasts! She is trying to help by hand expressing before I latch but I still can't quite get enough. Still hate nappy changes like poison. Am able to cry more loudly now.

29/10/2012: The midwives came to weigh me today. I lost 10% of my body weight since birth (from 3.08 kg to 2.76 kg). This is the limit of what's allowed so the midwives have put us on a strict 3 hourly feeding schedule. Mummy changes my nappy before feeds to wake me up. It's dreadful but it works. My poo has gone yellow and seedy. This is good. First bath too. Not sure how I feel about those yet. Telstar came and sniffed me after a nappy change. He's quite big.

30/10/2012: Went for my first walk along the canal today. Daddy carried me in the sling. I liked the cool crisp autumn air and nestling on his warm chest. Today was all about the feeding schedule. I fed lots (25-30 mins on the breast each time). Determined not to make Mummy have to hand express or use formula.

31/10/2012: The midwife came again. I gained back 5%! (2.92 kg) Very proud. Celebrated by learning to cry even more loudly during the awful heel prick test. My cord stump fell off during an evening change. I have a belly button. Cool. Mummy has lots more energy and her 'Mummy tummy' is disappearing. Her breasts are supplying what I need now and are much easier to latch onto. The midwife examined her stitches and they're healing well.

01/10/2012: Today my umbilical cord stump fell off. I have a belly button. It’s an “innie”. We were going to go for a drive but when Daddy put me in my car seat I burst into tears, so Mummy and I stayed home instead. In the evening, I did a marathon feeding session that lasted almost five hours and ended with my Mummy in tears. So I was nice to her and only woke up once for a short feed in the night. I thought that was quite magnanimous of me.

02/10/2012: This was originally my due date, and instead I’m a week old. I like to keep ahead of the game. I met our next door neighbour today and fell asleep on her shoulder, which is about the warmest greeting an infant can give. Unfortunately her visit disrupted my feeding schedule so I was a bit ratty until a massive feed.

Hiccups, or Too Much Too quickly, a 00:37 YouTube video
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