Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Our Worcestershire Garden

As part of my attempt to establish a routine on my work-from-home days, I take a cup of tea and my macro lens out into the garden at the end of the day. (When it’s raining, I sit in the conservatory instead. It’s like being outside without having to get wet! Telstar sits in the conservatory for this reason, too, I think - except he does it even when it’s not raining, because he is lazy.)

“The girls”, as our neighbour refers to the previous owners, did a beautiful job of landscaping the garden, creating winding beds and a path that curves around its odd, elongated teardrop shape in an aesthetically pleasing way. They also filled it with flowers that bees adore, particularly lavender, roses and nasturtiums. Those of you who remember the condition of our Cambridge garden (jungle, concealing badly-line leaking pond) when we first moved there will understand why we’re a bit baffled trying to work out what we can possibly add to it to make it any better. It’s an unexpected pleasure to have moved in when the garden is showing itself off at its best. I can sit on our handmade wooden bench (crafted by our friend who lives in the woods near Battle) and watch patiently for photogenic insects to land in the correct places for optimal lighting and composition.

Featuring a holly blue, a hoverfly, a white-tailed bumblebee and a rotund spider (consuming a bee, I think).

Tags: garden, macro, photography, worcestershire

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