Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

Let's play a game. A distraction game.

The implications of the UK cabinet reshuffle are making my head hurt. Let's play a game.

Zombie construction worker: Craaaaanesss, craaaaanesss
Zombie tourist in Copenhagen: Daaaaaanesss, Daaaaanesss
Zombie farmer: Graaaaainsss, graaainsss
Zombie in need of underpants: Haaaaanesss, Haaaaaanesss
Zombie Tarzan: Jaaaaaaanesss, Jaaaaaaanesss
Zombie traffic coordinator: Laaaaaaanessss, laaaaaanesss
Zombie electrician: Maaaaaainsss, maaaaainsss
Zombie Tattoo: Plaaaaanesss, plaaaanesss
Zombie attempting to book an NHS appointment: Paaaainsss, paaainsss
Zombie weather forecaster: Raaaaainsss, raaaaainsss
Zombie Lady Macbeth: Staaaaainsss, staaaaainsss
Zombie station announcer: Traaaaainsss, traaaaainsss
Zombie haematologist: Veeeeeins, veeeeeins

Add more in the comments! Bonus points if yours are related to the cabinet reshuffle. Go on then.
Tags: politics, wtf

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