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Unknown Olympic Events Celebration

The morning's first celebration: NASA wins gold in the 567,000,000 Kilometre event! Curiosity has landed softly on Mars. SkyCrane worked. Hurrah for mad engineering solutions!

The morning's second celebration: Telstar wins gold in the Longcat Napping event! Here he is in the middle of his epic 14-hour stint on the duvet. What a champion.

ETA: Almost forgot one! But it's kinda gross so I'll put it under a cut. Yesterday, a friend of ours came over with her six-week-old baby. Auntie Nanila had a little cuddle with the baby after she'd fed. Baby was very happy with Auntie Nanila. So happy she got the hiccups, then squinched up her face and did (and I quote her mummy), "the most enormous poo she's ever done". Which broke the bounds of her nappy and got on Auntie Nanila's shirt and trousers. So, Olympic gold for the very obscure "Share Your Effluvia with Auntie Nanila" event goes to Miss Annabel!
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