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Sputnik picspam

Today, I celebrate Caturday with memories of our beloved Sputnik. We got him when he was six weeks old. During his two and a half years, he fell into a scalding hot bath, cut his paw open on a barbed wire fence, had to fight with his greedier big brother for every mouthful of gooshy food or drink of milk, got stuck in trees and rafters and didn't hesitate to go after prey larger than himself. Perhaps he spent his nine lives a little more quickly than he should have.

He was much loved, petted and spoiled. His humans would have preferred to have kept him to a ripe old age but are grateful for the time they had him. I hope he sleeps well under the rowan tree.

[Sputnik & Telstar as kittens, cuddling on a red duvet.]

[Sputnik on his first day with us, crouching on a step ready to pounce.]

[Sputnik on his first day with us, stepping onto a shelf.]

[Me in my bathrobe with Sputnik & Telstar on my lap.]

[Sputnik on my lap.]

[Sputnik & Telstar on my lap.]

[Sputnik & Telstar sitting on the bloke's shoulders. Text reads, "Professors Tinycat say, 'That not pass peer review.'"]

[Sputnik peering out between the banisters. Text reads, "Professor Tinycat say, 'Not necessary to fall down stairs to learn about gravity.'"]

[Sputnik with his head tilted to one side. Text reads, "Professor Tinycat requires you to clarify your reasoning."]

[Sputnik & Telstar lying on lab reports I was marking. Text reads, "Professors Smallcat say, 'Nyquist criterion for ALWAYS, not just for Christmas.'"]

[3 images of Sputnik as a kitten, worming his way out of a hoodie sleeve.]

[Sputnik crouching in the snow.]

[Sputnik standing on a tree branch with his face raised to the sun.]

[Oddly contorted Sputnik sleeps peacefully on a duvet.]

[Sputnik & Telstar walking along a rafter in Norfolk.]

[The bloke lifts Sputnik off the rafter.]

[Sputnik has his head upside down and looks at the camera with one eye.]

[Sputnik & Telstar spooning on the sofa.]

[Sputnik & Telstar curled around one another on our bed.]

[Sputnik & Telstar with paws wrapped around each other on the sofa.]

[Sputnik & Telstar lying with their heads together on our duvet. This photo was on our "Lost Cat" posters.]
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