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It's Caturday.

[Image of two yellow-eyed tuxedo cats. The one on the left lying down is Telstar. The one looking at the camera on the right is Sputnik.]

Unfortunately it is not the joyous occasion it usually is, because Sputnik has gone missing.

We last saw him the evening of Wednesday 7 March, where he ate his gooshy food and a tiny bit of cantaloupe (he's mad for melon) with gusto. Our neighbour says she saw him playing with his brother - by which she probably means "fighting" - in our garden during the day on Thursday 8 March. No one saw him yesterday.

We questioned Telstar. He has been in the house a good deal, which is very unlike him.

Me: "Telstar, what did you do with your little brother?"
Telstar: "Mrow!"
Me: "Do you know where he is?"
Telstar: *purrrrrrr*
Me: "Is he trapped in a shed? Could you show us?"
Telstar: *winds around legs*
Me: "Did you do him in and bury his body in the woods so you could have all the goosh forever?"
Telstar: "Mrow?"

etc. So you can see how fruitful that line of enquiry was.

The bloke created a "Lost Cat" flyer and canvassed the neighbours last night. He also phoned the Blue Cross, who said any vet or facility that took him in would scan him for his microchip immediately and would contact us. One of our neighbours said her cat got locked in a shed in the allotments behind our house, so once it gets to be a reasonable hour of the morning, we'll go there and ask to walk around and call for him.
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