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Bring out your bad vectors; throw 'em on the cart.

Our group has a meeting every week in which two people, a member of Space and a member of Atmos, give talks. It was my turn to speak for Space last week. I talked about new issues in magnetometer calibration, which is exactly as thrilling as it sounds. So I attempted to spice things up with photos, like this one.

[Two chaps and two ladies point sternly at a box labeled "Bad Vectors".]

You see, when we find bad data, we like to make sure that nobody tries to do science with it. We collect up the corrupted vectors and put them in the Bad Vectors box. The chap on the far left, who is extra keen, seals up the box so that none of them can escape.

This is exactly how it works. Let no one tell you otherwise.

We also have special musical accompaniment, which includes such fine titles as "Calibration" by Carr & the Gang. We even won an award for our efforts, as shown below.

[A badly Photoshopped image of Kool & the Gang. This was on my title slide, which took far longer for me to make than any of the actual content.]

If we ever actually win an award for calibration, which is highly unlikely, I intend to insist that we recreate this photo. I think we all look quite dapper.
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