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The Pendulum Experiment: Be a citizen scientist

Physics needs your help. Yes, yours, my friends!

A very nice chap called Jony here at Imperial College is doing a simple yet elegant statistical experiment. He would appreciate it if you would visit the web page linked below and watch the lovely blue pendulum. All you have to do is click the Start/Stop button to time a single swing of the pendulum, and you will have helped. At the default swing time setting, this takes all of four seconds. Only four seconds, that's it. And you will have performed SCIENCE. If you have more than four seconds to spare and you enjoy tinkering with your SCIENCE, you can fiddle with the controls under the timer to make the pendulum go faster or slower and higher or lower.

Please do your part to enable physics today!

The Pendulum Experiment

If you enjoy your Pendulum Experience, please feel free to pass it along via the medium of DW or LJ or Twitter or Facecakes or G+ or Tumblr, etc. Jony needs lots and lots of data for best experimental results.

With apologies to friends who have already been asked to participate via the medium of [community profile] capslock_dreamwidth and/or the many other places I've posted this link today.
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