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Wicken Fen, December 2011

The bloke & I took Sophie* out for a spin yesterday to Wicken Fen. It's a National Trust marshland preserve in Cambridgeshire. It was a cold sunny day and the ground was very wet, so there weren't many people about. We saw plenty of bird life, including a hen harrier. The highlight, though, was our encounter with a large, well-fed fox out for its afternoon constitutional. We were equally surprised to run across one another, but the fox was quicker to react and change course.

Wicken Fen

* Our car, we have decided, is a Sophie. She is a perfect French hostess. She has a calm, even temper that a Leonie most certainly would not. Her seats are very comfortable and she ensures her passengers are kept warm without obtrusively blowing hot air in their faces. She has no less than three ashtrays in her front dash and an extra door pocket that's exactly the correct size for a packet of Haribo.
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