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The Magnificent Seven: #1, Brompton Cemetery

From a comment exchange with [personal profile] alwayswondered, an impulsive resolution was born to visit all of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries in London. I've been to three of them previously (Highgate, Brompton and Kensal Green), but I never pass up an excuse to visit a cemetery.

Since I work quite close to it, it was no trouble to dash quickly down to Brompton Cemetery on my lunch hour. (I would have liked to stick to public-transport-or-walking rule when it comes to these projects, but to keep the venture within my time limits, I had to cab it from Imperial.) My favourite grave markers are humanoid statues and Brompton Cemetery is awash in them. There's an imitation-classical circular section surrounded by columns and featuring a rotunda reached by a wide promenade in which an entire host of angels is encamped. I snapped until my fingers stopped functioning in the biting wind.

Tags: b&w, cemetery, photography, project
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