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This post is not (just) about today's public sector workers' strike.

There are a lot of things that I find repugnant about the statements jeering at the public sector workers' strike happening in Britain today, but the one I find most baffling is the argument that "because private sector workers have terrible pensions, so should public sector workers". Do people really want their definition of equality to be "making things equally bad for everyone"? Don't we all want decent pensions? Shouldn't the aim be to let all people retire in a reasonable state of health and comfort, and not die in poverty?

Why bother to exist if the only thing we do with our existences is to sustain the crap conditions we were born into? Is there anyone left who wants a better future for all of humanity, rather than to just goggle at one another while we cling hopelessly with our fingertips to the tiny pittance we've been allotted? How did we all get so defeatist and so short-sighted in our aspirations? Why does it feel like it's now not only uncool to aspire to change the world, it's unacceptable?

I bet the wealthy and powerful just love watching us peons squabble over what little we've got. It certainly seems to keep us from doing anything to genuinely threaten their grip on our fortunes.
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