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PSA about LJ: Random access to other users' accounts

If you are not already aware of this, your LiveJournal is presently not secure. Some users, when they have logged in, have discovered that they have access to other users' accounts - people who are not on their friends lists. The access includes the ability to view and edit locked and private content. LiveJournal staff have yet to comment on the issue.

If anyone would, say, like to delete their LJ account temporarily but still be able to blog, I have 24 DreamWidth invite codes available. Leave a comment or e-mail me at nanila at livejournal dot com to receive one. I'll be leaving my LJ up long enough for people to respond to this today, but if the issue isn't resolved before that, I'll be deleting until it's fixed.

ETA on 28/10/2011: It appears that the random access issue has been fixed.
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