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Birthday swag

I received many lovely gifts on my birthday, but these three stand out for me.

First of all, I woke to an e-mail message from my friend Josh saying that he'd pre-ordered me this:

It's a commercial version of the dancing Keepon robot. Here's the original Keepon with his developer Hideki Kozima, wandering around the streets of Tokyo to the sound of Spoon's "Don't You Evah".

Second, when I walked into the downstairs lab at work, I discovered that one of my labmates had made a delicious banana tart in honour of my birthday. What you can't see in these photos is the amount of huffing and puffing I had to do to blow those candles out.

Cake photos courtesy of flexagain.

And thirdly, the bloke surprised me with a silver bracelet I'd admired when we went round the Cambridge Open Arts festival several months ago. Jeweller Hannah Collins crafted this delicate yet industrial arrangement of gears.

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