Mad Scientess Jane Expat (nanila) wrote,
Mad Scientess Jane Expat

It's my birthday!

Ho yes it is. As it is midnight on my birthday and I am currently tucked up in bed with two purring cats, a cup of herb tea and a Folio edition of Robert Louis Stevenson's Travels with a Donkey rather than trying to pour as many drinks down my throat as possible while dancing to terrible music at a club I couldn't find again if I wanted to which I most certainly wouldn't whilst sober, I hereby declare myself old enough to use this icon, designed by the inimitable seismic.

I did, however, go out to have rum this evening in the company of the elegant and sultry [personal profile] machinery. We drank Sailor Jerry in one of those bars in Soho that's too cool to have a sign and talked of many things that will never be spoken of again, particularly not in the company of menfolk. After parting at Oxford Circus, I ran to the train at Cambridge. I happened to refresh Twitter when I sat down and discovered that [personal profile] rmc28 was on board. It would have been foolish to let the potential of such a random happenstance go unfulfilled, so we met on the platform. She was fresh from the Liberal Democrat conference and glowing with optimism. Since she had a large suitcase in tow and little non-adrenal energy remaining, we simply had a quick 10-minute chat. It was a nice little unexpected birthday present nonetheless.

And now, a picspam. Here I am on the train this morning.

Moar camhoorin this wayCollapse )

PS If you want to make me very happy today, you can contribute a photo to my post on [community profile] multibeautiful.

PPS I'll have you know it was a real struggle to stay up to make this post. OLLLD.
Tags: cambridge, camhoor, commuting, london, meatspace, vanity

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