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The rewards of courtesy

Dear Freecyclers,

I typically don't give my free stuff to the first person who asks for it. This is why. The first message I receive usually looks like this:

"do u still haev [thing x] i can pick up anytime"

whereas the fifth or sixth message I receive often looks like this:

"Hi [personal profile] nanila,
If you still have [thing x], please may I have it? Here is a very good reason why I need/desire [thing x]. I can pick up [thing x] in the evenings, and my mobile number is included.
Thank you,
Freecycler Who Wins [thing x]"

Can you spot the difference? If you can't, you probably aren't getting my free stuff.


(I may be a little grumpy because the following scene awoke me this morning. It is about ten minutes before the alarm goes off, and my brain is beginning to bestir itself from dreamland. I am faintly conscious that Telstar has jumped on the bed. I am not aware that the toes of my right foot are just poking out from the end of the duvet.

"Don't do it, Telly," the bloke, who is already awake, says.

Telstar looks at him with a devilish expression, looks at my toes, and pounces. Chomp go his teeth. Howl goes the [personal profile] nanila.)
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